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The heaviest rainstorm in Zhengzhou,Henan on record

The earth is a planet with frequent natural disasters.Weather and climatic disasters account for 70% of natural disasters.

With a pen in my hand, and with a heavy heart, I do not know where to begin.The heart-wrenching images kept coming back to me and voices for help rang in my ears......Zhengzhou city,Henan Province suffered the heaviest rainfall on history.Views,pictures and videos related to the rainstorm were forwarded.The heavy rain in Zhengzhou has touched the hearts of people all over the country.Facing to this huge rainstorm disaster,citizien of Zhengzhou didn’t complain any more even if they had realized the seriousness. On the contrarythey took active actions to rescue.

There are many natural disasters that can be avoided and sometimes they can be completely controlled.Not only natural disasters,there are also man-made disasters,like fire, debris flow, soil erosion and so on,which happen because people cut down the trees.

 So,I call on you to do the following points:

1. Protect the forest,plant trees and protect water and soil.

2. Factories won’t give off too much waste gas.

3. Take the car appropriately to help protect the ozone layer.

4. To learn more earthquake and disaster prevention knowledge.Have a sense of prevention.

5. Save water and cherish every drop pf water.

6. Save electricity.

   For our tomorrow, let us act together to prevent disasters.To the earch to be more bright in the future!